Shamanic Reality and the Magical World of Spirits

The Shamanic World is the sacred world of Spirits. The belief that all living things are part of the Spirit is deeply rooted in various Shamanic and Wisdom Traditions from around the world. One of the most significant aspects of Shamanistic and Magical practices is based on developing and nurturing a connection with the Earth, the Ancestors and Guardians of the Land. Shamans are known to access the non-ordinary or other worldly reality through entering a trance like state in which they meet their Helping Spirits who offer sacred knowledge and assistance that can be of great importance in ordinary reality.

Shamans, Witches, Oracles and Medicine Keepers have always held a significant and specific role throughout history. They traveled between the worlds and brought back information that was needed for their community. While the techniques of communicating with Spirits and ways of honoring them varied from culture to culture, the goals were similar. Most people needed healing, wholeness and a connection to each other and the world they lived in. At earlier times without this connection life and sustainability would have been very difficult.

Even though survival is much easier in today’s world, people still seek to remember that deep connection to the Earth, to all living things and ultimately to themselves. We are surrounded by Compassionate Beings who offer support and guidance on the path of the mysteries and transformation. Remembering and connecting to the Spirit World is our birthright and also one of the strongest anchors in this often complicated and beautiful existence. This connection is also an opening into the Heart which is the most important gate that holds our greatest gifts and highest truths.