All Gates Within

Remember your sacred song

Animism and the Spirit World

The world we live in is the sacred world of Spirits. The belief that all living things are connected to Spirit is deeply rooted in various animistic, shamanic and magical traditions from around the world. One of the most important aspects of these traditions is based on developing and nurturing a connection with the earth, the ancestors, spirits of the land and other beings who inhabit the visible and invisible realms of our world.

Oracles, Shamans, Witches and Medicine Keepers have always held a specific role throughout history in all cultures. Depending on the culture, they were referred to by different names, but their core roles were very similar. They traveled between the worlds and brought back information that was needed for their community and maintained the connections between the visible and invisible realms of Spirit. In earlier times, this connection was crucial to the health and survival of individuals and communities.

Even though survival is much easier in today’s world, people still seek to remember that deep connection to the earth, to all living things and ultimately to themselves. We are surrounded by compassionate beings who offer support and guidance on the path of mystery and transformation. Remembering and connecting to the Spirit World is our birthright and also one of the strongest anchors in this often complicated and beautiful existence. This connection is also an opening into the heart which is the most important gate which holds our greatest gifts and highest truths.

Healing Services

Finding and tending to soul parts and soul loss related wounds.

Soul Retrieval

Clearing energetic intrusions caused by spirits or people.

Compassionate Depossession and Curse Unravelling

Connecting to Ancestors, Deities, Animal & Plant Allies, and Sacred Co-Walkers.

Meet the Sacred

 Finding answers and guidance through the support of oracular mediumship, Seidr and cartomancy.

Seattle Divination Services

Virtual class offerings about Slavic folk magic, mediumship and other spiritual practices.

Teaching and Classes

Support for practitioners and professionals in the realm of spirit work and magical practice.

Consultation and Spiritual Mentoring

A deep thank you to the friends and clients who have trusted me over the years and allowed me to witness their journeys and transformations. Your seeking of truth and wholeness will always be an inspiration. 

May all your paths lead to wisdom and the profound remembering of the Self.