An Introduction

My introduction to the Spirit World started pretty early in life. I was born and raised in Poland until the age of twelve and grew up in a spiritually conscious and religious family. For most Slavic countries, the concept of double faith was not uncommon, especially in the country. It was acceptable for Catholic and Eastern Orthodox people to practice forms of divination, harvest ceremonies and folk healing. Growing up as a Catholic in Poland meant that I had the opportunity to explore the rich landscape and belief system of my Ancestors from both a religious side and a more animistic side. Both traditions presented a world view which relied on a relationship with a higher power connected to both the Heavens and the Earth. The world of my childhood was filled with magical forests and fields, Water and Air Spirits and the whispered prayers of my mother and grandmothers. This world and this land carried my first song and my awakening to the great mystery threaded through all things.

After immigrating to the US with my parents in March of 1989 my experience of cultural integration was beautiful and bittersweet. Far from everything I knew and unable to speak the language, I felt the sadness and disconnect that so many other immigrants must feel. I believe it was this experience of loss and longing that called in a deeper connection to my Ancestors and to the deep Magic in the Land. My longing brought me closer to nature and to the hidden places in the Heart that can communicate with Spirits of the Wind, Trees and Water. I discovered that these Spirits listen and understand us, no matter what language we speak and I have continued to talk with them ever since.

In my Shamanic and Healing Arts training I have had the opportunity to learn from wonderful teachers and masters whose wisdom and integrity helped me develop a stronger relationship with Spirit. For the last decade I have studied with Betsy Bergstrom, Lama Wangdu Rinpoche, Bhola Banstola, Leslie Conton and Patricia White Buffalo. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for the mentors I trained with and all the teachers and Elders of various cultures who continue to nurture their sacred traditions and pass on their knowledge of the mysteries with love and dedication. I also extend my deepest gratitude to my Ancestors, especially the Grandmothers, who continue to guide and teach me every step of the way.

My Approach

When working with clients I combine Shamanism, Divination and Polish Whispering and Folk Healing practices. With the guidance of Helping Spirits and Ancestors we create a safe space in which answers and spiritual remedies can be found and implemented into daily life. For more information about the different types of healing modalities and ceremonies I offer, please read the Shamanic Healing and Divination page.

My office is located in Seattle, WA. I schedule sessions in person as well as long distance by phone or Skype depending on the type of work that is needed. To schedule an appointment please email me at


“Gabriela is a true Gate Opener. Aligned with the Spirits and the Ancient Ones, her intent is keyed in with the keen sensitivity of clairsentience as she travels within the Worlds necessary and relative to the healing journey of the seeker. I have had the honor of receiving this work from Gabriela and have truly celebrated true transformation within the fabric of my being! I am so very thankful to have her as a Shaman and Healer in my life.” — Severina Sol, Seattle, WA
“I’ve been living in rural Kenya for the past 14 months, the only foreigner within a few hours radius. There is a lot of space out here and many things have come up; fears, shadows, energies, patterns. Gabriela has beautifully and compassionately supported me in my middle world work as well as in the spiritual realms during the entire time I’ve been living in Africa. She is a gifted, heart-centered healer and a genuine shamaness whose work I am deeply and entirely grateful to have in my life. I highly recommend her work to anyone wanting and willing to walk the healing path towards integration and wholeness.” — N.N. Portland, OR
~ A deep thank you to the friends and clients who have trusted me over the years and allowed me to witness their journeys and transformations; your seeking of truth and wholeness will always be an inspiration.

May all your paths lead to wisdom and to the profound remembering of the Self~
Shamanic Healing is a spiritual practice and not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Results may vary depending on the nature of each session and a way in which the client integrates the ceremony.