My introduction to the Spirit World started pretty early in life. I was born and raised in Poland until the age of twelve and grew up in a spiritually conscious and religious family. For most Slavic countries the concept of double faith was not uncommon, especially in the country. It was acceptable for Catholic and Eastern Orthodox people to practice forms of divination, harvest ceremonies and folk healing. As a child I had the opportunity to spend time on my family’s farm on the Wisla (Vistula) river, near Warsaw. The customs and practices I grew up with and observed as a child, have shaped me and attuned me to listen for the voice and magic of all living things. The world of my childhood was filled with sacred forests and fields, Water and Air Spirits and the whispered prayers of my mother and grandmothers. This world and that land carries my first song and my awakening to the great mystery threaded through most things. 

After immigrating to the US with my parents in my early teen years, my experience of cultural integration was beautiful and bittersweet. Far from everything I knew and unable to speak the language, I felt the sadness and disconnect that so many immigrants must feel. I believe that it was this experience of loss and longing that called in a deeper connection to my Ancestors and to the deep magic of the land. This longing brought me closer to nature and to the hidden places of the soul that can communicate with Spirits of the Wind, Trees and Water. I discovered that these Spirits listen and understand us no matter what language we speak and I have continued to talk with them ever since.

For the last twenty years I have been practicing magic, mediumship, divination and Slavic and European folk healing. My first teachers will always be my family and my ancestral land. In my adult years I have had the opportunity to learn from wonderful teachers and healers whose wisdom and integrity have helped me develop a stronger relationship with spirit and my own natural abilities. I am most grateful to Betsy Bergstrom, Lama Wangdu Rimpoche, Bhola Banstola, Patricia White Buffalo, Leslie Conton, Gail Faith Edwards, Aneta Grzegorzewska and Johannes B. Gårdbäck. I have the deepest respect for Elders and teachers of various cultures who continue to nurture their sacred traditions and pass on their knowledge with love and dedication.

When working with clients I combine trance work, mediumship, divination and Slavic and European folk healing. With the help of my own Spirits and those of the client, we create a safe container where answers and healing remedies can be found and implemented into daily life.

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