Spirit work, energy healing, and divination is a form of spiritual practice and not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Energy healing and consultation sessions with Gabriela are not meant to treat any physical or psychological conditions a client may have.

Guidance and Support for Your Spiritual Journey

After 25 years of an active spiritual practice and 15 years of working with clients professionally I am now offering consultations and spiritual mentoring.

For folks who are fellow travelers or beginners on a magical or spiritual path I can offer guidance in areas of practice, energy hygiene, spell work, and ritual. This offering is rooted in an animistic approach, but also supported by my devoted study and exploration of Western Mystery Traditions, European Folk Magic, Ancestral Work and Mediumship.

Similarly for fellow practitioners or therapists who are seeking help with complex cases I can offer insight and assistance, especially when a curse or spirit possession illness is involved.

Consultation and Spiritual Mentoring