Under the Veil

For centuries people have been known to practice forms of divination and even consulting with Oracles or Seers when approaching an important event that required additional information. Oracular activity has been documented in most cultures with varying degrees of   socio-political and spiritual importance. From secret gatherings and reading of bones to highly public Oracular Ceremonies, people have always desired to get a glimpse behind the Veil where answers and wisdom could be found. Seers and Oracles were a practical and powerful addition to royal and high ranking families. They advised on political issues, disputes, protection of estates and warfare. By reading and interpreting the hidden signs, they helped their leaders attain the most favorable outcome. In some cultures, even until present day, Oracles hold a significant role of finding Spiritual as well as political leadership.

Oracular Mediumship

Mediumship is a form of connection and communication with Compassionate Beings of the Spirit World. By allowing a mind to mind connection with these Beings, images, feelings as well as information can be transmitted to the practicing Medium. Oracular mediumship     is a form of mediumship that focuses on asking questions and receiving answers from the field of Compassionate Beings and their wisdom. Gods, Goddesses, Compassionate Tree and Plant Spirits can offer views and solutions in a way that is nurturing, loving and multi layered. When challenged with a specific question or seeking direction, an Oracular Mediumship reading can help clear confusion and provide new clarity and focus for the seeker.


Seidr is an old form of Northern European Shamanism and Magic. As documented in the Norse Sagas, Seidr practitioners, also referred to as Seidkonas or Volvas, were predominantly female and were known to practice divination, weather working and shape shifting.  Best known for their oracular abilities, the Volvas would perform High Seat Ceremonies, during which the community would gather and inquire about certain important matters. These High Seat ceremonies were a public affair and required all members of the community to come together and sing special songs that were meant to send the Volva to a place where answers to their questions could be found. This practice is supported by the Norse Deities Freyia and Odin as well as the Norns, the three sisters that spin the threads of destiny at the base of the World Tree.

Information is transformation. People can truly be changed by receiving guidance and knowledge or even a different view of a situation they are approaching in life. Presently, as much as in the past, access to information and answers from Wise Beings can be of a great resource for individuals and communities in matters big and small.

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