Below is a description of the types of healing services I offer. Most are available remotely via Zoom or phone. Rates are $120/hr. To schedule a free 15 minute consultation, please email .


Spirit work, energy healing and divination is a form of spiritual practice and not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Results may vary depending on the nature of each session and a way in which the client integrates the work.

Song of the Soul and Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is probably one the most widely recognized forms of spiritual illness. Most people have had soul loss at a point of their lives during exposure to some type of trauma. When trauma, grief or abuse is experienced it is likely for part of the soul to leave the body in order to protect a person from a terrifying or damaging experience. In many cases the soul essence or soul part returns to the body and balance is restored. When a soul part doesn’t return on its own the person is living without their full essence and vitality and may end up feeling emptiness, depression, anxiety and in more extreme cases physical illness. Therapy and traditional medicine is helpful, but in some cases the aspect of soul loss might have to be addressed on a spiritual level. Soul Retrieval is a healing practice in which the Spirit Worker looks for the departed soul parts of the client and brings them back. This reclaiming of lost Soul parts can offer a powerful return, a celebration, a most precious remembering of the person’s True Self and the song of their Soul.

Song of the Soul and Soul Retrieval
Meet the Sacred

Meeting the Sacred

The world we live in is the Sacred realm of Spirits. Sometimes we forget that we all came from this place and that each of us holds a unique energetic signature that is part of the sacred landscape. When we reach for the unknown and connect with the Great Mystery we are waking up a part of us that remembers where we came from and who might know us in those realms as well. I like to call these moments – Meeting the Sacred. When working with clients who are seeking to connect with the unseen world I am always humbled and amazed by the beauty and support we find in that space. These sessions are open to anyone who is curious about exploring a relationship with the Spirit World, their Ancestors and compassionate Spirit Guides and Sacred Co-Walkers.

Compassionate Depossession & Curse Unraveling

Compassionate Depossession 

Compassionate Depossession can be viewed as a form of extraction since the end result involves freeing a client from an overshadowing energy. The difference between  possession and a non-conscious intrusion is that a possession is an intrusion by a spirit or being with a soul of its own. Energies without a soul can be removed without much resistance. Spirits of the dead or other beings who take up residence within a person must be treated as individuals with their own set of problems and reasons why they are in a body that doesn’t belong to them. Compassionate Depossession is a process in which the practitioner helps a possessing suffering being leave the body they have entered and guide them to Source or another more appropriate place. The guiding aspect of depossession is called Psychopomp; it is an act of leading the souls of the departed to their proper place beyond this world. Since Spirit Workers work with both the living and dead, they often will take on the role of assisting departed or lost spirits into the otherworld if they aren’t able to fully leave on their own. Compassionate Depossession is a process that is loving and non-combative and meant to serve both the human client and the suffering being.

Curse Unravelling

In the world of the living and the world of people it is difficult not to come in contact with disagreements, competition, greed and jealousy. These are the less compassionate aspects of the human condition and in extreme cases they can manifest into a harmful reality. Curses are one of the oldest forms of revenge, means of personal gain and at times, protection from an oppressor or dangerous situation. In some cultures cursing is a well recognized and common part of life and is treated with caution and seriousness. Since cursing is such an old concept, it is possible for people to carry a curse that has been cast within their family line decades or centuries ago. Some possible effects may be ongoing bad luck, accidents, negative relationship patterns, chronic money problems and other misfortunes. Curse unravelling is a method of finding and lifting a curse in a neutral and effective way that doesn’t cause more distress or encourage spiritual warfare between people.

Compassionate Depossession & Curse Unraveling